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Full Mouth Restoration

Losing your teeth means losing your smile, your ability to eat and speak normally, and your confidence. There are a range of options depending on your needs and budget. We offer free consultations for any patient who is considering a full mouth treatment. We will do an exam with x-rays and present you with your various options for treatment and answer all of your questions. If you're considering a full mouth treatment, please schedule a free consultation with us.


3 on 6™

Invented in 2015 by Dr. Randy Roberts, the 3 on 6 treatment is the most advanced smile restoration treatment to date. It consists of three permanent bridges secured to six implants.

The 3 on 6™ is a truly permanent solution that doesn't need to be removed to be cleaned, ever. Standard brushing and flossing is all that is required. The teeth sit right against the natural gum line, making it function and feel like natural teeth in the user's mouth. The zirconia bridges are 5x stronger than other porcelain restorations, and when coupled with the six implants, the 3 on 6™ is designed to last a lifetime.

Our opinion is that the 3 on 6™ is the best smile restoration treatment available and should be the first option considered. We are the only licensed 3 on 6™ provider in Utah County. 



The All-on-4 is usually the most expensive restoration treatment option. It consists of a single restoration piece secured semi-permanently to four implants.


Often the All-on-4 needs to be removed for cleanings and to get food trapped under the restoration, which can be expensive. Since it is a large restoration, many dentists have to grind down the bone in the patient's mouth to allow an All-on-4 to fit. 

It is a good option for oral restoration, but the drawbacks should be understood.



An overdenture (or snap-in denture) is a step up from the standard denture, in that it is essentially a denture that can be snapped onto two implants. This reduces the chance of it falling out of the mouth. 

It adds a level of stability which is convenient, but it still has many of the problems of a standard denture including bone deterioration, complications with eating and speaking, and maintenance. In addition, the implants can become worn down over time which may require them to be replaced in the future.



Dentures are a very common fix for people missing their teeth simply because they are usually the cheapest option. They provide a quick fix but create other problems such as difficulty eating, difficulty speaking, mouth soreness, gagging, and more.


Since they are so bulky, many people have a gag reflex when using a denture. In addition, without natural teeth or dental implants, the bone in the mouth deteriorates. Over time, a denture user's face will change shape and the denture will stop fitting, requiring glues to secure it in place. The daily maintenance can cause frustration and embarrassment.

For some people a denture is the only option because they already have significant bone loss or have a very limited budget. Our recommendation is that a denture should only be used when no other options are viable.

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